30 day naruto challenge - day 03 -Favorite Team

Team Kakashi & Team Minato

Of course I wasn’t able to choose between those two.Well it’s pretty obvious that they are very similar.With Kakashi being Minato’s student and Naruto being Minato’s son, the two teams are already linked. Also, the members’ personalities & other (non-personality) traits are strikingly simlar. For Naruto and Obito, this has been in the spotlight for the last few manga chapters, not only they look similar(ooh, remember when Naruto had those goggles? ),but they are both optimistic, energetic and loud, both wanting to be hokage and all that. For Kakashi and Sasuke, they are both the strong and silent type who doesn’t really talk much(as opposed to Naruto and Obito); other similarities that are worth mentioning are the fact that they both lost everyone who was important to them and also their use of the chidori technique. Finally, Sakura and Rin are both medical ninjas, I think that both their looks and their personalities are also a bit similar(we don’t see much of Rin though-to understand her personality better), and not to mention the whole love triangle thing(where RIn is in love with Kakashi like Sakura is in love with Sasuke and it seems that both acted the same toward their love interests).

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